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New machining center arrived at VT Metal Kft.

vt metal chiron gepVT Metal Kft located in Székesfehérvár, Hungary purchased a Chiron machining center with 5 axes and 2 spindles in a value of 200 million HUF in order to be able to produce much higher complexity parts than before.
Thus the number of newly installed, up-to-date machining centers increased up to 5 in the Videoton companies dealing with sheet metal processing and surface treatment.
Beside the Chiron machine, VT Metal Kft. purchased also a Mafac washing equipment in order to displace and update the existing machine.
VT Metal Kft, supplying mainly the automotive industry, needs the modernisation and extension of its machine park because of the utilisation of the already won new projects and the expected potential business opportunities.

VT Plastic Kft. invested 150 million HUF in machinery

vt plastic engel gepVT Plastic Kft., one of the subsidiaries involved in plastic injection moulding within the Videoton company group, continued its modernisation and capacity extension project in both of its sites. The improvement in Székesfehérvár meant the installation of two 120 ton Engels. One of these machines is Ecodrive type, which reduces the energy consumption significantly. The new installations in Veszprém include one 120 ton and two 160 ton Engels, one out of them is also Ecodrive type. The total value of the investment reached 150 million HUF.
The Videoton member company – having altogether 44 plastic injection moulding machines (in the range of 50-1050 ton) as well as ISO 9001 and ISO TS certifications – delivers appearance plastic parts, sub-assemblies and technical parts, focusing on the automotive industry, to well-known system suppliers.

Record income in the life of Videoton Holding

legifoto logovalThe year 2010 consolidated income of the Videoton company group – HUF 89.21 billion – turned out to be higher than expected, and so the company reached the highest turnover in its history. It is especially a pleasure for us that one of the most important basic activities in the Hungarian owned company group, electronics and final assembly could accomplish a 7% expansion in spite of the strong competition.
Carrying on with last year’s positive trends, the first half year figures in Videoton show increase compared to the same period in the previous year.

Due to the preferable financial results Videoton continues its technology improvement programme, which exceeds HUF 4 billion, also in year 2011. These improvements will not only complete the expansion and modernisation started in the field of electronic assembly last year but also result in new capacities and a higher technical level in sheet metal processing and plastic injection moulding.
The technological extension is necessary on the one hand due to the accomplishment of the acquired new projects and on the other hand due to the utilisation of the business-prospects of the company. Since the crisis Videoton has strengthened its positions in the European market further, its market share is increasing continuously, and beside its current customers the company managed to get new partners too.

Videoton, the reliable business partner

d b 2011Videoton Holding ZRt received the highest grade qualification from Dun & Bradstreet.  The diamond certificate testifies that the financial risk of establishing a business relationship with Videoton Holding ZRt is minimal.  In the past three years Videoton have belonged to D&B’s lowest risk category: Rate 1.
The D&B certificate and the excellent qualifications based on which the certificate was awarded to Videoton prove that Hungary’s largest industrial company in private ownership operated stably even in the uncertain economic environment.

Battery pack assembly in the Marcali site of Videoton

li ion gyartocsarnokHaving a smooth co-operation with Sanyo, considered to be its strategic partner already, VT KEP Kft - specialised in the assembly of battery packs in Marcali, Hungary – is glad to welcome another Japanese owned company, FDK among its customers.
Videoton significantly modified and renovated the buildings of the jeans manufacturing factory operating in the Marcali site earlier. The works resulted in a wholly new and up-to-date plant. During the reconstruction Videoton made most of the production area air conditioned and covered by antistatic floor in order to create appropriate environment for Li-ion battery pack assembly in line with the strict specifications. The company established also the engineering capacity necessary to the new product introduction (NPI). The team not only supports the NPI but also able to design and accomplish production lines, assembly and test assets.
Due to these changes the Marcali site of Videoton has become one of the largest employers in the region, giving job to 200 people today. They assemble mainly Ni-MH battery packs to FDK and Li-ion battery packs to Sanyo, which are used in gardening assets, electric manual tools, wireless phones, and electric bicycles. The battery cells coming from Asia are welded together with the help of contacts and cables, then are put to a plastic housing or fastened by shrinking foil. In case of new applications, as, for example the electric bicycle, a high-tech electronics is also part of the battery pack, which is a further supply potential to Videoton’s PCBA sections.
The customers are fully satisfied with the performance of VT KEP Kft.  Both Videoton and its partners are seriously considering the extension of the co-operation.
The infrastructure established in Marcali allows not only this potential extension but also the transfer of further EMS projects. In order to handle the production peaks of its mother company located in Kaposvár, Hungary (VT ElektroPLAST Kft), the Marcali site manages assembly activities different from its main profile even today.

Successful new businesses in Videoton’s renewable energy markets

stsOne of Videoton’s youngest member companies STS Group Zrt headquartered in Győr has won more successful businesses in the last one-two months.
One of these was, for example, the connection of the biogas power station in Ikrény to the network. This included the supply, settlement and installation of a 4-field compact electric transformer station as well as getting the approvals from the power supply company to put it under voltage.
There are 2 pieces of 20kV transformers in the compact station; out of them the one with 630 KVA transforms the electricity made by the gas-engine to the network, the one with 250 KVA supplies energy to the cattle farm.
The station also contains a Tallus control technics system which allows remote control to the power supply company, and a gauge measuring the electricity supply of the power station and the site.
Recently, following the implementation, both the transformer station and the gas-engine was put under voltage, and trial runs were started.
STS Group Zrt also won the installation of a solar system at a public tender called by the Government of Bóly. The Videoton subsidiary located in Győr is to implement a solar system on the roof of the Regional Central Workshop in Bóly. The job includes the installation, the connection to the network as well as the management of all the necessary approval processes. The peak capacity of the system is 34.2 kWp, and it is built up of 180 pieces of mono-crystal solar panels of maximum 190 Wp capacity each. The panels are to be placed on the roof in 3 lines, 60 pieces in each line. The DC electricity generated by the solar panels is converted to the necessary AC voltage levels by 3 pieces of inverters.
The end of implementation is expected by the second half of 2011.
STS Group Zrt has belonged to the Videoton company group since June 2010. The subsidiary headquartered in Győr is involved in the planning, installation and implementation of wind-, biogas- and biomass- power stations.

Videoton acquired a new company

ventifiltVideoton group purchased 94% ownership in Ventifilt Zrt mechanical engineering company located in Hajdúnánás.  Thus Videoton’s wide range of activities was extended by industrial air technics as well as design, production and installation of equipment reducing environment contamination.  For Ventifilt the integration in the Videoton group means not only a stable financial background but also further business potential through the utilisation of synergies within the company group.
Since its establishment Ventifilt has been involved in the machine industry business segment, it supplies complex solutions to the domestic industrial air technology.
Within machine production the company deals with industrial air technics and related to the cleanness of air the design, production and on-site installation of equipment reducing environment contamination; supplementary noise and vibration isolation solutions meeting the environmental regulation;  on site air technical measurement and advisory; production of single welded metal constructions and equipment.
The company having almost 1 billion HUF income last year is a market leader in Hungary in this business segment.
One of the main strengths of Ventifilt,  having great experience in the export market, is that the company is able to make the design and production of single and small series products not only quicker and with shorter lead-times than the market average but also with  high level flexibility.
The investment fits in Videoton’s strategy – to acquire exportable, small and medium size Hungarian companies at high technical level – well.
Videoton is interested in making further steps in this industrial segment, especially in case the first experiences with Ventifilt will be positive.
Videoton’s long-term goal is to cover such wide range of technologies, services and technical solutions which makes it possible for the company group to be present in its target markets as a prime contractor offering complex solutions.