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Continuous growth in Videoton in the past 3 years

VTAE 02Following its highest ever income in year 2011, in year 2012, beside another circa 10% turnover increase, Videoton reached roughly 110 billion HUF cumulated income.
The largest industrial company in Hungarian private ownership could keep its market positions also in year 2012.  The most significant part of its income comes still from the automotive segment. Compared to last year, however, measurably increased the company’s income from industrial electronics, followed by household appliances.
Beside getting new business, Videoton paid special attention to increase cost efficiency and resource utilisation in case of its running businesses last year too.
The company group accomplished large investments – still from its own capital – in year 2012 as well; spent 2.1 billion HUF on new technologies and improvement of earlier technologies, and so increased its competitiveness and efficiency further. Moreover, Videoton succeeded to keep its 8000 employees also in year 2012.
The turnover of the company group has increased dynamically in the past three years, and based on the forecasts there is a well-founded hope of keeping this growth rate in Videoton also in the coming years.



Successful participation at the Electronica 2012 Fair

IMG 0077It was the 7th time that Videoton participated between 13th and 16th of November as an exhibitor at Electronica, the world's leading trade fair for electronics in Munich, Germany.
At Electronica fair this year there were 2670 exhibitors from 49 countries and 70,000 visitors from about 80 different countries.
Videoton presented in its enlarged and renewed stand the latest developments of its vertically integrated production activity including electronic assembly, plastic moulding, sheet metal processing and final assembly.
There was a great turnout at Videoton's stand, exceeding that of the previous year. It also shows that - being the 4th largest privately owned EMS company in Europe, the largest in the Central-Eastern European region – Videoton’s market position and appreciation within the industry has increased in the past 2 years, which ensures a firm base for future development.



Videoton at the Electronica 2012 Fair

IMG 0003It is the 7th time that Videoton, the 4th largest private owned EMS company in Europe, the largest in the central-eastern European region, participates as an exhibitor in Electronica, the world’s leading trade fair for electronics in Munich, Germany.
Videoton presents in its enlarged and renewed stand the latest developments of its vertically integrated production activity including electronic assembly, plastic moulding, sheet metal processing and final assembly.
Beside the traditional production activities, the company’s extended service portfolio – including several design services and complex product system integration - is also exhibited.
Due to its complexity, extremely strong, stable financial background and high flexibility, Videoton may be an excellent partner both as a contract manufacturer and as a multi-commodity supplier of modules and parts.
So welcome to Videoton’s stand (538 in Hall B1) at Electronica Fair in Munich between 13 and 16 November, 2012.

Traditional customer, new technology

VTAE 01VIDEOTON Automotive Electronics Kft. – the Videoton company specialised in the production of automotive electronic and electro-mechanic parts – won more new businesses at its strategic partner, Valeo France. 
One of these projects is already in the mass production phase: LED electronics built in rear lamps based on flexible PCB, which is a technical novelty. The related challenges were successfully solved by the Videoton engineering team during NPI. The insertion of flexible PCBs requires special trays compared to the traditional (rigid) PCBs on the SMT (surface mount) lines.
The new technology requires new competencies and needs special attention because the product is much more sensitive than generally.
Another project is the production of windscreen-viper engine-controller electronics which is a complete module assembled in a plastic housing. The product is produced in millions, in three different types and is to be built into various passenger cars. One kind is already in mass production, the others are in the trial run phase. 
The production of a steering wheel switching sensor family is in the sample production phase. Mass production (in hundreds of thousands a year) is expected to start in autumn of 2012.
These new businesses prove that Videoton plays a more and more determinant role in the automotive electronic market and provides a competitive service to its customers at a higher and higher competency basis.

Further business success in the field of LED products

VEAS 02Due to the several new businesses won recently, VEAS Kft has become the most dynamically growing member of the Videoton company group. The factory made an investment of about 4 billion HUF in the past two years and reached a year on year growth of above 15%. Significant part of the new businesses is related to LED technology, one portion of them to energy saving lighting systems, another portion to the LED-based outdoor and indoor high category display systems. Thanks to these new businesses Videoton EAS Kft increased the number of its employees with more than 100 people this year, so employees circa 700 people now.
Part of the new electronic products takes care of the control of high capacity, innovative LED lights. These products are used in energy saving and long life-time lighting assets of indoor halls (airport waiting rooms, shops, theatres, hypermarkets, hotels, etc.).  Following the this year production of roughly 500K parts – especially due to the expected spread of the high capacity LED lights – the volumes are expected to grow significantly in year 2013.
In case of the other project, the VEAS Kft. started the production of LED wall modules in its Székesfehérvár location for its partner market leader in manufacturing professional visual assets. Following a larger quantity order of the first type, in the coming weeks the company starts the production of further types too.  The production of these high value and fairly complex products requires special attention from staff in order to be able to ensure the extremely strict quality demand.
Together with the new businesses starting this year the revenue is expected to increase with 2 billion HUF in total, thus the whole income of Videoton EAS Kft. is going to exceed 12 billion HUF in year 2012.
Due to the high technical level innovative products and its market leader partners in the LED application market, Videoton sees a long-term perspective in this peak-technology market segment, so endeavours to strengthen its presence.

D&B Diamond Certificate to Videoton

d b certificateVideoton Holding ZRt received the highest, diamond level certification from Dun & Bradstreet in “reliable business partner” category.  The diamond certificate warrants that the economic risk of starting business co-operation with Videoton Holding ZRt is minimal because the company has continuously been in the lowest risk, Rating 1 category of D&B for three years.
The Dun Bradstreet, leading business information service worldwide, defines the risk of the companies based on its private, full range database involving all economic subjects, applying the following factors: financial data, payment information gathered in the Dun trade programme, demographic data and further information collected.
This D&B certificate, achieved due to Videoton’s excellent rating, proves that the operation and improvement of Hungary’s largest industrial company owned by Hungarian private persons is stable and continuous even in the uncertain economic environment.


1 billion HUF revenue increase in the Videoton company group

legifotoThe Videoton company group increased its last year’s turnover with one billion HUF; following the 89.2 billion HUF in year 2010, reached 90.2 billion HUF in 2011.  Last year’s EBIT (Earnings before Interest and Taxes) was similar to the one reached in 2010; 6.7 billion HUF in year 2010 and 6.69 billion HUF in 2011. Earnings before taxes reached 8.6 billion HUF last year, compared to the 8.1 billion HUF in year 2010.
The company group employs roughly 8000 people altogether; the number of employees did not change last year in Hungary compared to year 2010, in Bulgaria however – as one of the main customers stopped its operation – decreased with 400 people.
Videoton extended its production capacities and gained several new businesses last year, which significantly contributed to the successfulness of the largest industrial company in Hungarian private ownership.
Two years ago the company group started an intense technological expansion, in the frame of which Videoton realised a 5 billion HUF investment last year.
This year, due to several new businesses and the exchange rate fluctuation, in spite of the shrinking European EMS market, Videoton increased its revenue with 2-3% in Euro and 8% in HUF compared to the similar period in 2011. The number of employees increased with 300 compared to end of last year.
The investment programme started two years ago in the company group continues still today; Videoton made an investment of 1 billion HUF up to now in 2012.  Roughly half of this investment is carried out in the Videoton companies making electronic assembly, working for the automotive industry and industrial electronics but there are improvements in the whole verticality. In the rest of the year the majority of the investment is not related to the electronic assembly segment. Videoton, being capitally strong, financed and finances the improvements from its own resources.  The value of this year’s developments – in spite of the expected slowdown of the European economy – is planned to reach 4 billion HUF.
For year 2012 Videoton does not plan new acquisitions but concentrates on the integration of two earlier acquired, successful businesses – a filter system and a fine mechanical systems production company.