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Videoton in Productronica 2013 Fair

productronicaIt was the first time that Videoton exhibited in one of the world’s leading electronic production assets fair, Productronica in Munich, 12-15 November, 2013. The company group – represented by Videoton Holding (electronic production and assembly), VT Mechatronics Kft. (machining and turning of small volume, high complexity parts as well as system integration) and VTES Kft. (focusing on the production of small, medium and high volume sheet metal parts) – introduced itself together with other Hungarian manufacturers in a common Hungarian stand with the support of Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA).
The 5th largest European EMS company had several pre-agreed, successful meetings in the Fair with potential new partners. The event was, however, the most promising and significant for VT Mechatronics because most of its potential customers participated in the Fair as exhibitors, so the company could get in touch with them easily.
The Fair met the expectations because it remarkably contributed to the fact that the Videoton companies could start year 2014 with successful business transactions.

Videoton is 75

emlektabla leleplezesVideoton celebrated the 75th anniversary of its foundation on 18 October, 2013.  The mayor of Székesfehérvár, the owners of Videoton, the current and retired top managers of the company and the employees of the Holding centre participated in the limited circle event. The ceremony started with the implantation of a mammoth tree - one of the longest lifetime plants in the Earth - representing the strong belief of the owners that Videoton would remain an employer and a significant player of the economy for a long time.
After the implantation of a mammoth tree, the owners inaugurated the memorial of the 75th anniversary of the foundation. The memorial compares the area of the city as it is today and as it was 75 years ago, and demonstrates the huge development taking place during this period.
The epigraph on the memorial is the following: “It is known that the city has no considerable manufacturing industry … consequently the location of the new, enormous industrial plant here can, from the city’s point of view, be considered to an event of great significance, the extraordinary importance of which cannot even be foreseen today.”  /Székesfehérvár Municipal Corporation, decision of the General Assembly, 1938./
The inauguration of the memorial was followed by the donation of a sport ground to the sport fun inhabitants of the city by the 75 year old Videoton.

VT Metal has augmented its machine park with two other Brother machining centers

brother megmunkalokozpontVT Metal Kft, dealing with machining and surface treatment, invested nearly 400 000 € in two Japanese Brother machining centers during the first half of 2013. This extension of the industrial plant became necessary due to a capacity demand caused by the ramp-up of a new automotive project.  With the new machines, the number of modern machining centers bought in the last 7 years at the Videoton subsidiary increased to 8, which means 2 300 000 € investment in total.
In the coming 3 years the subsidiary plans to further increase and modernize its means of production with 5 more machining centers expecting a significant growth in the turnover. VT Metal Kft, which has 50 years’ experience in aluminum and copper processing, manufactures mainly in medium to high volume primarily for the automotive industry and industrial applications.
As a supplier, beyond providing complex solutions for milling, mechanical processing and assembly and electroplating, the subsidiary is capable to accomplish complex production transfer projects. Among its customers there are Hungarian small and medium companies, Hungarian subsidiaries of multinational corporations and Western European companies as well. The Videoton subsidiary located in Székesfehérvár has 320 employees with nearly 15 000 000 € turnover per year.

New laser cutting machine at VTES Kft.

Fiber lezervagogepVTES Kft. – dealing with small, medium and high series metal process, powder painting and assembly – installed one of the quickest and most accurate fibre-laser cutting machines in the country in its Székesfehérvár site in the frame of more than half a million Euro investment. The equipment operates with +/- 0.05 mm accuracy and 6G acceleration (which is 1.5 times of the average acceleration of the Formula 1 cars) and is appropriate expressly for the processing of thin sheets. The machine handles 1500x3000 mm panel size and has automatic feeder, so can run continuously.
Thanks to this technology the Videoton company is able to execute such thin-sheet orders now which earlier required longer production time so higher cost level. Thus, in case of several products, this laser instrument may replace the traditional CNC technology.   
As of today the equipment is loaded with the production of electronic appliances, houses, doors and more sophisticated parts with several cuttings in small and medium series. By the help of the machine, VTES Kft may gain significant business potentials in the field of producing electronic cabinets and their parts.
It is of strategic importance to VTES Kft. – employing altogether 310 people in its plants located in Székesfehérvár and Törökszentmiklós – to continuously extend and modernise its machine park. Thus at the end of last year the company invested in a new CNC bending machine and in the future intends to renew its excenter press machine park with servo presses.
The activities of this Videoton company, reaching 5 billion HUF income last year, cover part manufacturing, mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly as well as complete product manufacturing for the automotive industry, industrial and medical applications, telecommunication and electronics.

The Győr-based VT Mechatronics Kft. entered into the energetics and medical markets as well

szerelesThe subsidiary of Videoton closing its last year with more than 7 million EUR revenue, extended its businesses in the field of machining and assembly in the second quarter of year 2013 further.
Due to an agreement on the production of 17 different types of machined parts VT Mechatronics expanded its customer range with ABB, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality industrial products. The parts produced by VT Mechatronics are low volume high-precision parts that are built in high-voltage generator circuit breakers and delivered to Zurich.  
Moreover, following a successful audit, VT Mechatronics has become an approved vendor of the Swiss-based company at the level of the High Voltage Products division. Thus the Videoton group - after so many years of being present in the low-voltage and high current markets - has entered into the area of high-voltage products too. The success is also due to the fact that in the beginning of this year VT Mechatronics developed its machine park with a modern Mori Seiki CNC lathe and a DMU 60 EVO simultaneous five-axis machining center.
The subsidiary also agreed with the Hungarian owned Mediso Kft. at the end of the last year on the complete mechanical and electrical assembly of the SPECT module of the multimodality imaging system, medical diagnostic device called „AnyScan”. With AnyScan certain clinical pictures can be analyzed simultaneously that required multiple different devices previously. The machine with its nearly 1000 pcs of components is assembled by the Győr-based subsidiary in more than 250 hours of work which includes the manufacturing of machined parts, the assembly of electromechanical subassemblies as well as the high level assembly, calibration and testing of the device. The final integration and checking of the system is concluded by Mediso Kft. in Budapest then the product is sold in many countries around the world.
Due to the ramp-up of new businesses and existing projects, VT Mechatronics is expected to increase its revenue compared to last year’s figures. In terms of strategy the company continues to focus primarily on its main competence, the assembly of high complexity equipment produced in low volume and on - what is essential for this activity but is also offered as a stand-alone service to customers - the low volume machining of high complexity parts.

2nd Videoton Sport and Family Day

IMG 7529The Videoton Sport and Family Day was a great success again at the VVSI Sport Centre in Velence in June. Despite the heat more than 1500 employees and family members participated in the event organised by the company group.  Wide range of sport activities and further programme alternatives were offered to the inquiring adults and children.
The winners of the different contests (like dragon boat, cycling, badminton, rope pulling, outdoors cooking) were rewarded with medals and certificates of merit. Beyond the competitions, the employees and their families could challenge themselves in kayak-canoe, beer box climbing, badminton, basketball as well as on the climbing wall.  Amenities of the place for children included water tours on Lake Velence, various jumping castles, labyrinth, ball-sea, archery, pottery, face painting, while the Videoton clown was more than happy to bend balloon animals for those who were interested. Children were enthusiastic also for the game called three trials which included basketball pitch, archery and target throwing; by passing the tests, children won sweets and small toys.
Thanks to the support of Alba Screening Centre the attendants had the chance to have their blood sugar and blood pressure level measured as well as to participate in a lifestyle consultation.
The day came to an end with the announcement of results, but before that various sports equipment found their owner by tombola.
The Videoton Sport and Family Day was a success also last year when 900 people attended, but after the current event we may state that this program has become a tradition in the Videoton Group.

Successful year-end and a dynamic kick off in 2013 at Videoton EAS Kft.

fuji nxt 01Videoton EAS Kft., the Videoton subsidiary specialized in electronic assembly had a rise of 25% in headcount and an increase of 40% in income in the year of 2012. The subsidiary employing more than 700 workers carried out a large technological development already last year, together with a close to 3000 m2 extension of the manufacturing area in the second half of 2012 in order to ensure the feasibility of the increased customer demand. Almost the full range of our activities may be found here as well, like SMT insertion, wave soldering, hand mounting as well as final assembly and all of the required testing processes. The new hall allows the further extension of businesses, as an area of further 3000 m2 is available.

The Videoton-member company starts year 2013 with a new technological investment and building extension. The investment package aiming capacity extension and technological improvement includes devices in a total value of 500 million HUF. The investment is implemented in more steps. First phase includes the purchase of a new selective soldering machine and its peripheries, a new wave soldering machine and a complete selective varnishing line. Then the company extends its capacities by a further AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) device. The machines arrive in Q2 2013, and mass production on the new devices can be started in the middle of this year. In the forthcoming steps of the technology investment a new panel cleaner and a cleanness measuring machine, a special 3D laser measurement equipment, a new flying probe test-device, as well as another selective soldering machine and its supporting units will be purchased in 2013.

Videoton EAS 01The subsidiary also extended its existing main building with a further 400 m2 where new offices, changing and social rooms were established. It was required partly due to the increasing headcount, partly owing to the larger space demand of the new technologies and manufacturing activities.

Videoton EAS Kft. has been expanded continuously with new customers and projects in the recent years, which caused a significant change in its product portfolio. The former high volume electronics production was almost totally replaced by the production of low volume, high diversity complex parts. Since the economic crisis the subsidiary has accomplished technological investments in a value of 2.6 billion HUF, and parallel to this, its income has increased with nearly 6.5 billion HUF, and it is expected to increase further in 2013.