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Continuous growth in Videoton in the past 3 years

VTAE 02Following its highest ever income in year 2011, in year 2012, beside another circa 10% turnover increase, Videoton reached roughly 110 billion HUF cumulated income.
The largest industrial company in Hungarian private ownership could keep its market positions also in year 2012.  The most significant part of its income comes still from the automotive segment. Compared to last year, however, measurably increased the company’s income from industrial electronics, followed by household appliances.
Beside getting new business, Videoton paid special attention to increase cost efficiency and resource utilisation in case of its running businesses last year too.
The company group accomplished large investments – still from its own capital – in year 2012 as well; spent 2.1 billion HUF on new technologies and improvement of earlier technologies, and so increased its competitiveness and efficiency further. Moreover, Videoton succeeded to keep its 8000 employees also in year 2012.
The turnover of the company group has increased dynamically in the past three years, and based on the forecasts there is a well-founded hope of keeping this growth rate in Videoton also in the coming years.