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Record income in the life of Videoton Holding

legifoto logovalThe year 2010 consolidated income of the Videoton company group – HUF 89.21 billion – turned out to be higher than expected, and so the company reached the highest turnover in its history. It is especially a pleasure for us that one of the most important basic activities in the Hungarian owned company group, electronics and final assembly could accomplish a 7% expansion in spite of the strong competition.
Carrying on with last year’s positive trends, the first half year figures in Videoton show increase compared to the same period in the previous year.

Due to the preferable financial results Videoton continues its technology improvement programme, which exceeds HUF 4 billion, also in year 2011. These improvements will not only complete the expansion and modernisation started in the field of electronic assembly last year but also result in new capacities and a higher technical level in sheet metal processing and plastic injection moulding.
The technological extension is necessary on the one hand due to the accomplishment of the acquired new projects and on the other hand due to the utilisation of the business-prospects of the company. Since the crisis Videoton has strengthened its positions in the European market further, its market share is increasing continuously, and beside its current customers the company managed to get new partners too.