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Small Household Appliances - One of our major markets

The Small Household Appliances Industry is a cost-sensitive global market that still demands a regional production in high quality with high flexibility. As one of the most competent integrated contract manufacturer in the Central and Eastern European region, Videoton has been producing mechanical parts, electronic controllers, subassemblies and complete products for Small Household Appliances customers since 1993.

: Székesfehérvár, Kaposvár (Hungary), Stara Zagora (Bulgaria)

4 of Videoton’s subsidiaries are manufacturing for the Small Household Appliances market

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What we offer

  • Early involvement in customer's new product development
  • Various engineering services (product face-lifts, technical modifications, co-design of PCBAs and mechanical parts, DfX studies etc.)
  • Complete industrialisation of new products
  • Design and manufacture of production equipment (assembly lines, testers)
  • Design and manufacture of tools
  • Tool management (with regional and FE mold makers)
  • Manufacture of electronics (PCBAs, controllers, modules)
  • Plastic injection moulding including painting, printing and welding
  • Stamping including powder coating, electroplating and welding
  • Supply chain management on global base
  • Localization of parts and components
  • Subassembly production including testing
  • Final assembly and testing of small household appliances including laser and optical testing & final packaging
  • Transport and distribution

Annual performance

  • 7 500 000 complete products (small appliances): 11 product groups, 18 product families, 331 product references
  • 8 million subassemblies
  • 1,1 million PCBAs
  • 91 million plastic parts


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