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New name - traditional activity

VTES 01The Videoton member company once called VT Informatika Kft - dealing with small, medium and high volume sheet metal processing as well as assembly activities - operates further as VT ES Kft (VT Enclosures & Stamping) from May 2011 onwards.  The change became necessary because the company wanted to grow further with clear profile under a name which clearly defines the company’s main circle of activities and market orientation.
Due to the investments made in the past years – among others CNC punching and bending machines, laser cutting equipment, powder spraying technology, new assembly hall – VT ES Kft started to accomplish its expansion plans with the most up-to-date machine park, extended capacity as well as higher efficiency and a new management.
Via the investments made last year (3D measurement equipment), being in process (establishment of a cell with welding robot) and planned for year 2012, the company on the one hand extends its complex service portfolio, on the other hand will be able to meet the special requirements of new market segments as well.
The success of this strategy is supported also by the fact that beside realising new businesses with its existing partners VT ES also started projects with several new customers in the domestic, German and Austrian markets.

The income of VT ES Kft in year 2011 reached 18 million Euro, realised by its three branches (mechanics, sheet metal processing, bar code) in two sites, in close to 12 000 m2 production area by 300+ number of employees. There is small and medium series production in the Székesfehérvár site from the simpler parts up to the complex final products in the field of industrial applications and medical industry. These products include also the metal structures of industrial refrigerators, financial terminals, traffic lights and cross control systems or even of complete modules related to waste water treatment. The high volume production is done in the Törökszentmiklós site of the company, where, beside the industrial segments, VT ES Kft focuses mainly on the automotive field. Thus the company is certified by not only ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 but also ISO TS 16949.

Special machine production goes independent

VT ASYST 02From the 1st of January 2012 the Special Machine Business Unit of VTES Kft. continues its operation as an independent member company of Videoton Holding Zrt. called VT-ASYST Kft. Thus in the future both VTES Kft. and VT-ASYST Kft. will be able to focus on their customers with clear profile and to grow further in the market.
The new name is the abbreviation of: VideoTon Automation SYStems & Testers.
The 50-man company supplies individual production and test equipment – including manual, semi-automatic and automatic assembly work stations, functional tester and measurement equipment, production lines, screwing and riveting machines as well as various individual production supporting special machines  – to the Hungarian factories of top TIER-1 companies.
VT-ASYST Kft. belongs to those few suppliers in Hungary who are able to provide complete solutions from design through part manufacturing and assembly to installation.

VT Plastic Kft. in the first line of the West Hungarian Region Market Leader Category

pegazus dijVT Plastic Kft, a Videoton subsidiary dealing with plastic injection moulding mainly for the automotive industry won Pegasus 2011 Prize.
The Pegasus Prize – awarded fourth time this year – acknowledges the performance of the most dynamically improving small and medium enterprises in Hungary. The candidates are selected based on the public company data supplied by Dun & Bradstreet. It is essential that the enterprise has to work transparently, be in Hungarian majority ownership and show dynamic and outstanding growth in the past three years compared to the other companies in the region.
VT Plastic Kft. headquartered in Székesfehérvár – having an income close to 4 billion HUF and an investment of more than 300 million HUF in year 2011 – took place in the front rank of the most dynamically improving Hungarian enterprises.

2011 was also a successful year

videoton logoThe expected income of the Videoton company group before consolidation exceeds 100 billion HUF, which shows a slight increase compared to the result in year 2010.
The company group still employees 8000 workers. The Hungarian factories increased the number of their employees with about 300 people but – due to the effects of the changes in the market – the Bulgarian subsidiary had to make a cut back in similar extent.
The primary goal in Videoton is organic growth. So the company group started a technology improvement programme which is more intensive than ever before. The value of the investment to be accomplished between 2010 and the end of 2013 is well beyond 5 billion HUF. Out of this more than 3.5 billion HUF has already been executed until 2011.
Though the majority of the investments going on also in the forthcoming year is carried out in the companies dealing with automotive and industrial electronic assembly, which are expected to have the largest result this year; actually the whole technical verticality – including plastic injection moulding, metal processing and sheet metal technology – and Videoton’s factory in Bulgaria is also affected. The largest industrial company in Hungarian private ownership finances the investments from its cash flow (not from credit).
Due to its prominently strong financial position and its increased technical and organisational efficiency the Videoton company group strengthened its position in the European market further against its competitors.

It is also a consequence of the above that Videoton extended its businesses with the existing partners and succeeded to get several new customers. The ability that Videoton was able to offer efficient solution to single business cases in certain characteristic industrial segments is to be highlighted especially.
In year 2011 the largest European automotive suppliers, Bosch and Continental gave new, complex tasks to Videoton, whom they already consider as a key supplier in the region.  The implementation of the projects needed several basic technologies, so the vertical integration of the company group meant an advantage and required the co-operation of several Videoton subsidiary companies.
In lighting industry the revolutionary breakthrough of LEDs is going on. The company group gained new lighting industry businesses in the field of public lighting, automotive industry and consumer industry. Related to these projects Videoton may produce complete sub-assemblies and, due to its electronic, plastic industrial and assembly technical competences, help its partners in design and NPI effectively.
In the field of household appliances, the company group also this year had a chance to participate in the launching of new products meaning worldwide novelty in their own category. Besides, Videoton was assigned to prepare further novelties too. Beyond all this, one of its largest partners entrusted the company with a task in which the management of the whole development process may be done by Videoton.  With the establishment of this ability Videoton, belonging to the leading contract manufacturers in Europe, achieved its year-long target.
Concerning industrial air technology, Videoton succeeded to introduce Ventifilt Kft, acquired during the year, in the German market and so to give a new horizon to the operation of the company.
 There are more and more potential customers who, hearing about the versatility of the company, use Videoton as a “trouble-shooter”, e.g.: for emergency takeover of work from suppliers not able to operate any more should it be caused by flood in Thailand or financial bankruptcy.

New machining center arrived at VT Metal Kft.

vt metal chiron gepVT Metal Kft located in Székesfehérvár, Hungary purchased a Chiron machining center with 5 axes and 2 spindles in a value of 200 million HUF in order to be able to produce much higher complexity parts than before.
Thus the number of newly installed, up-to-date machining centers increased up to 5 in the Videoton companies dealing with sheet metal processing and surface treatment.
Beside the Chiron machine, VT Metal Kft. purchased also a Mafac washing equipment in order to displace and update the existing machine.
VT Metal Kft, supplying mainly the automotive industry, needs the modernisation and extension of its machine park because of the utilisation of the already won new projects and the expected potential business opportunities.

VT Plastic Kft. invested 150 million HUF in machinery

vt plastic engel gepVT Plastic Kft., one of the subsidiaries involved in plastic injection moulding within the Videoton company group, continued its modernisation and capacity extension project in both of its sites. The improvement in Székesfehérvár meant the installation of two 120 ton Engels. One of these machines is Ecodrive type, which reduces the energy consumption significantly. The new installations in Veszprém include one 120 ton and two 160 ton Engels, one out of them is also Ecodrive type. The total value of the investment reached 150 million HUF.
The Videoton member company – having altogether 44 plastic injection moulding machines (in the range of 50-1050 ton) as well as ISO 9001 and ISO TS certifications – delivers appearance plastic parts, sub-assemblies and technical parts, focusing on the automotive industry, to well-known system suppliers.

Record income in the life of Videoton Holding

legifoto logovalThe year 2010 consolidated income of the Videoton company group – HUF 89.21 billion – turned out to be higher than expected, and so the company reached the highest turnover in its history. It is especially a pleasure for us that one of the most important basic activities in the Hungarian owned company group, electronics and final assembly could accomplish a 7% expansion in spite of the strong competition.
Carrying on with last year’s positive trends, the first half year figures in Videoton show increase compared to the same period in the previous year.

Due to the preferable financial results Videoton continues its technology improvement programme, which exceeds HUF 4 billion, also in year 2011. These improvements will not only complete the expansion and modernisation started in the field of electronic assembly last year but also result in new capacities and a higher technical level in sheet metal processing and plastic injection moulding.
The technological extension is necessary on the one hand due to the accomplishment of the acquired new projects and on the other hand due to the utilisation of the business-prospects of the company. Since the crisis Videoton has strengthened its positions in the European market further, its market share is increasing continuously, and beside its current customers the company managed to get new partners too.